Organize a charity event. It’s easy.

Do you have a birthday coming up?
An important anniversary in your life?
Or maybe it’s just time to Give Back and Make a Difference?

Consider organizing a charity event.

What is that?

Instead of just having a big bash, have
a bash with a purpose.

This is how it works:
Guests attending your party contribute to a charity you nominate (one or more) by paying towards the cost of a huge party – and a pre-determined amount (by your choice) goes to your chosen beneficiary/ies.

How do you do that? Easy. Keep on reading…

Start to think about a few questions


What are you planning?

  • birthday
  • anniversary
  • important life event

Let us know what it’s about so we can help with your preparations


  • do you already have a charity you currently support or favor?
  • if so, which one?
  • if not, what causes are close to your heart?
  • start looking into the matter and choose an NPO or project
  • be sure to do your homework – find out as much as you can, verify their registration credentials and track record
  • once you’ve made a choice, share those details with us


  • only your friends and family?
  • or do you want to advertise to the public to get maximum support?
  • do you plan to let the charity know upfront and partner with them for communication?
  • what about media?
  • how many people do you expect / plan for?


Such an event includes as a minimum:

  • day pass access to Mountainview Game Farm (this includes hiking, walking, biking on your own MTBs)
  • an amount You specify to be contributed to your charity


Add-ons you can then choose include:

  • airboat rides
  • guided hikes
  • e-scooter rides
  • bush games
  • catering (we provide a menu, you choose)
  • live music
  • your own event page online (which we create together with you)
  • a communication campaign on facebook, twitter, instagram in the run up to the event to spread the word, promote your event and thereby your charity


  • forward the link to your booking page with us to all your guests, friends & family
  • this will also be included in all communication campaigns
  • guests sign up online and pay up front
  • You will receive monthly stats on bookings
  • weekly stats in the month before
  • a final reconciliation after the event


  • we will then forward the collected amount to your charity and obtain a section 18A certificate as proof for you
  • the entire process is transparent and interactive
  • we provide the service, the back-office processing and share the information with you


You determine

  • the charity (or more than one)
  • who to invite
  • how to communicate
  • what the event looks like
  • date and times

And we assist and manage it for you all the way.

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    “On behalf of MDSA (Miss, Mr and Mrs Deaf South Africa), I would like to thank you for kindly sponsoring the organisation. We truly appreciate it. See you soon 🙂
    P. S: it was one of my favourites last year.

    Darren John Archer – Centurion, SOUTH AFRICA

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